There is something very sinister I find in man-made imagery, something that doesn't sit right with me about putting a viewfinder between myself and reality.
Ironically to explain what I mean, I would have to make use of the imagery and the very digital displays I am so very weary of. To show that being up to date and connected in todays general terminology is not quite as savvy as it is painted.
Maybe it is to say I am in too deep and as a result don't know of any other way I can connect with you, maybe it is the only way I know how to connect with you and that maybe the reality I need to accept.
To explain. Imagine man before the advancement of technology, before he was conscious of his extraordinary potential compared to that of natures other marvels. Imagine finding yourself exposed in the wilderness, no shelter, no warmth no clothes. Everywhere you look there is despair and discomfort, you hate it,  all you have is instinct and that instinct is fear; fear of the dark, fear of the light, fear of the unknown. That fear drives you, to learn and to try to push past the boundaries of each and every obstacle to gain knowledge.
Now imagine, the knowledge gained pointed to nothing more than you as a being were weak and vulnerable, the monkeys could climb better, the fish could swim better, the tiger could hunt better and the birds, well the birds could fly, and yet here you were wanting to learn about surviving but to do so you had to survive long enough to learn.

Everything it would seem is designed to work against you, what does one do in this situation? How did we put ourselves so high in the food chain, how did we subjugate the rest of the Earth's living creatures?
Maybe man realised early on that man wasn't enough, we realised to survive we needed to transcend. we tried mimicking the surroundings and the creatures we observed putting on masks and camouflaged, hunting the same prey as the carnivores, We took advantage of the darkness dwelling in caves like the bears. We took to high ground viewing hidden opportunities in the landscape like the birds. We placed a disguise between us and or true self, our reality, we became reflections of what we saw.  In short we became everything but ourselves and paradoxically in doing so we found our self as we know us to be now, but still we wanted more, still we were being out preformed so we carried on observing. The fear of vulnerability still plagued us.
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